tarm G10 OPSL FB4

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Product Details

The tarm G10 OPSL show laser projector is a green Coherent Taipan OPSL solution and a guaranteed output power of 9'000 mW.

The Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' network interface is already integrated:

The Pangolin FB4 is a network interface, which runs with Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin BEYOND software. Pangolin Quickshow is already included. There is no need anymore to using ILDA cables to connect the show laser to the control computer.
The Pangolin FB4 'Max' offers the possibility to control the show laser system through TCP/IP network, DMX512 control or by the onboard SD-memory.

The tarm G10 OPSL is especially suitable for demanding show laser applications and graphics projections in clubs, bars and on stages.

Features of the FB4 network interface

  • Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' is already integrated
  • including Pangolin Quickshow software
  • Full Ethernet control
  • Stand-alone SD memory card
  • Full color OLED display
  • Support for DMX and ILDA
  • various setting options on the back of the device

Technical Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 9'000 mW
Power green: 10'000 mW / 530 nm
Beam specifications (full angle): ca. 3 mm / 1.0 mrad
Laser sources: OPSL
Laser class: 4
Operation modes: ILDA
Scanner: 45 kpps@8° ILDA
Scan angle max.: 50° max. (@30 kpps)
Accessories: browser interface for calibration, key, power cable, manual, interlock
Power supply: 85 V - 250 V / AC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 340 W
Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 140 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 12 kg

Upgrade Options

CT-6210H Scanners

Scanner upgrade for enhanced graphics display and scan speed.
Upgrade causes a decrease of up to 5% of the stated guaranteed (output) power.

Scan speed: 60 kpps@8° ILDA
Scan angle: 68° max. (@35 kpps)
Step response time: 0.3 msec (2° opt. step)
tarm Gobo Wheel compact

DMX controlled gobo wheel for tarm show laser systems:
1x Gobo wheel 148mm
Grating Grid, Line, Lumia