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Product Details

The SparkBlaster devices are non-pyrotechnic spark generators that can easily be used on stage, at festivals, by entertainers or mobile DJs. The SparkBlaster spark effects generators can easily be controlled through standard DMX, so they perfectly integrate with existing stage infrastructure. It is possible to adjust the sparke emission height through DMX as well. The maximum emission height is 5 meters.

As the special effects granulate of the SparkBlaster burns at rather low temperature and thus creates the sparks, it is by far not as dangerous as flame effects or even pyrotechnical effects. When respecting the instructions given in the user manual, the SparkBlaster spark effects generators are safe to use.


  • indoor and outdoor use
  • emission height adjustable via DMX
  • easily daisy chain many units via DMX
  • smoothly integrates with existing lighting setups
  • no explosive content
  • no strong pyrotechnical smell
  • no hazardous content to deal with
  • easy to use, easy to transport
  • affordable granulate refill

Technical Information

Effects height: up to 5 m
Powder tank: 250 g
Control options: DMX 512; 2 channels
Power supply: 200 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 400 W, 1.8 A
Dimensions: 230 x 195 x 303 mm
Weight: 9.0 kg

How is the Spark Effect generated?

The SparkBlaster spark effects are generated by "burning" a special granulate that passes a very hot surface rod inside the device. It is then vertically blown by strong fans, so the emission height can be adjusted by the oputput power of these fans (can be controlled through DMX). 


What consumables does the SparkBlaster require?

The SparkBlaster units require a special granulate for operation. This granulate is available through our distribution partners or directly from the website and it is very affordable. There are also no restrictions or limitations on the use of consumables, however we strongly recommend to use the original granulate supplied by SparkBlaster.


How big is the spark granulate container of the SparkBlaster and how long does the unit run with one filling?

The SparkBlaster granulate tank has capacity for 250g of granulate. These 250g usually last for 15-20 minutes of operation of the SparkBlaster.