Phoenix PRO - License

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Phoenix PRO Software (License only)

Phoenix PRO Software (License only) contains the orange Phoenix4 PRO USB license dongle. It is to purchase if you already own a Phoenix USB Micro interface, a Phoenix Net interface or a have another compatible interface build in your laser.

PHOENIX4 PRO / PROPLUS is the latest generation of professional laser show controller and software systems on the market. PHOENIX4 Pro provides to the professional user a professional laser control of one independent laser, also the seamless integration of lighting effects to be addressed by DMX and / or MIDI. Additionally, video files can be embedded frame accurate in each resolution on the timeline and in sync in real time (!) be output on a beamer to the laser / light show.
Contrary to many other controllers PHOENIX4 PRO/PROPLUS calculates the output of all commands and signals in real time. Many functions such as runtext generator, live control via MIDI keyboard, joystick, etc. - to name just a few of PHOENIX4 functions - are already included.