HB-Laser Hydroshield Set 10 x 27 m incl. Swimming Platform

by HB-Laser
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Product Details

The HB-Laser Hydroshield has been designed for impressive outdoor applications. Under high pressure water runs through nozzles mounted in water basins. The Hydroshield creates a semicircle water shield with approx. 10 m high and approx. 27 m width. It can be used as surface for different laser and video projections to create great effects.

The set has an output of approx. 80 m³ / hour at 10 bar water pressure.

This set includes the HB-Laser NEPTUN swimming platform with the dimensions 3 x 3 m. The HB-Laser NEPTUN swimming platform can be used to install the HB-Laser Hydroshield system on it. This allows to run the HB-Laser Hydroshield e.g. on pools, lakes, rivers etc.

The combination of HB-Laser Hydroshield and HB-Laser NEPTUN swimming platform makes the set very variable and can be use for example:

  • in hotel gardens
  • amusement parks
  • large discotheques
  • in theatres or musicals
  • at trade shows
  • as Billboards
  • for special effects
  • as advertising screen

Designed for US power supply (480 V - 60 Hz).

Technical Information

Accessories: Stainless-steel waterpump, B-connector 3 inch, waterpump controller, swimming platform
Power Supply: 480 V AC - 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 55 kW
Dimensions: Semicircle of the water shield: ca. 10 m (height) x 27 m (width); swimming platform: 3 x 3 m
Weight: (excl. swimming platform) ca. 1'400 kg


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