tarm Lasers

tarm Lasers

tarm has been founded in the late 1970s and has been a pioneer in the show laser light industry. tarm comprises high-end laser projectors which fulfill the most demanding requirements in terms of brightness and accuracy. All models up to 10 Watt are available for seamless shopping here. Higher powered laser projectors like the famous tarm HD OPSL systems are quoted upon your custom-made requests. Please feel free to inquire by email or through our contact form.
tarm 2.5 Sale

tarm 2.5

tarm 2.5 FB4 Sale

tarm 2.5 FB4

tarm 5 Sale

tarm 5

tarm 5 FB4 Sale

tarm 5 FB4

tarm 10 Sale

tarm 10

tarm 10 FB4 Sale

tarm 10 FB4

tarm VELOX - Laser Moving Head Save 7%
tarm G5 HD Sale

tarm G5 HD

tarm G5 HD FB4 Sale

tarm G5 HD FB4

tarm G10 OPSL Sale

tarm G10 OPSL

tarm G10 OPSL FB4 Sale
tarm DOT Save 16%

tarm DOT