This category is dedicated to those who are looking for professional, but still very affordable lasers, ideal suitable for Mobile DJs, Bands, Event Companies and in general for compact venues in e.g. Bars or Nightclubs. When you're looking for a bit more performance, please check out the PROFESSIONAL and HIGH-END sections!
Garden Star GS-400RGB Save 15%

Garden Star GS-400RGB

Laserworld EL-230RGB Save 28%

Laserworld EL-230RGB

Laserworld EL-400RGB Save 29%

Laserworld EL-400RGB

Laserworld EL-500RGB KeyTEX Save 28%
Laserworld CS-1000RGB Save 30%

Laserworld CS-1000RGB

Laserworld CS-2000RGB Save 35%

Laserworld CS-2000RGB

Laserworld PRO-1600RGB Save 36%

Laserworld PRO-1600RGB